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With PayMōli your financial institution can offer community FIs a person-to-person mobile payments solution.
Customers using PayMōli
As a trusted correspondent payments solution provider, through PayMōli our mobile payments convergence platform, Aptys now offers a mobile P2P payments solution for correspondents to offer their community financial institutions.  Your community financial institution customers will love it!



Go slay the market with our robust P2P mobile payments solution and be THE faster payments solution provider that your FIs depend on.



Offering your community FIs a P2P mobile solution allows them to compete with the bigger FIs, stay competitive in the market, and offer solutions their customers want.

Woman showing PayMōli app
PayMōli can be integrated with your existing payment processing channel— enabling your community FIs to work faster, smarter, and more cost effectively while being competitive in their offerings.
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Generate additional revenue
  • P2P is one of the fastest growing payment products in the industry
  • Become THE faster payments solutions provider
  • Set the stage for future faster payments opportunities
  • Future use cases to include C2B, B2C, and B2B
PayMōli is a brandable app that's safe, easy to implement, and cost effective for community financial institutions—allowing your customers to transfer funds from their account to their friend's account quickly and easily.
  • Gives community FIs a cost effective way to offer a P2P mobile payments solution to their customers
  • Enhances customer digital engagement with the FI
  • Superior security and compliance
  • Keeps deposits at the FI in customers accounts
  • Users can send money to anyone with an account at any FI 
  • App connected to checking account or debit card
  • Processed transactions clear in minutes
  • Technology is managed by Aptys or your correspondent
With PayMōli, it’s simple for FI customers to send money to anyone, anytime, using their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet—and for FIs to keep their customers money at the FI, protected in their existing account.
Future enhancements will provide RTP and FedNow Instant payments to PayMōli.
Need more info?
Have questions? For more information about how our P2P mobile solution can help your Correspondent institution or to schedule a demo call 972.722.5400 or contact us.
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